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With decades of experience in the world of music, arts, and education, Don Cooper has been teasing the ears, touching the hearts, and tickling the imagination of his audiences and followers.

Beginning with "Dino Songs" and "Boogie Woogie Bugs", he now brings to everyone the opportunity to experience his entertaining talents and teaching ability.

Complimenting the Dino Songs Album, the Free Dino-Songs' Activity Book offers yet another fun and interactive dimension to learning.

NEW: Hanukkah Music & Halloween Music:

Hanukkah Songs    &    Spooky Tunes!   
Hanukkah Songs: A festival of lights     Spooky Tunes: fun Halloween music Spooky Tunes - fun Halloween Music


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Singing Duo: Dino Songs & Boogie Woogie Bugs Learning through Music: Don Cooper Style